Corporate Practice


InterRelate Group focuses on the real estate needs and requirements of corporate space occupiers. We develop a keen understanding of the client’s overall business objectives, and we then develop and implement real estate strategies that create value. 

Our goal is to enhance our clients’ successes by providing creative and cost effective solutions. Our tenant representation services are available for all varieties of acquisition and disposition transactions including leasing, subleasing, purchase and sale scenarios. 

InterRelate Group representatives apply their extensive transactional experience to the client’s immediate objectives while leveraging the firm’s knowledge of global real estate markets. 

Transaction Services include Tenant Representation, Market Research and Consulting, Lease Administration and Investment Sales and Acquisitions. These interrelated disciplines converge to assure our clients the most comprehensive and professional real estate transaction representation available in the industry.

Online Media and IT Companies

InterRelate Group responds to the needs of online media and technology companies by implementing strategies that achieve maximum floor efficiencies - typically utilizing the majority of such layouts as open collaborative space with less executive area relative to other corporate clients -- with the lowest initial and ongoing operating costs. 

The rapid growth of our clients in this sector often leads to a preference for built, furnished space with flexible lease or sublease terms. Similarly, we negotiate expansion and contraction options in order to achieve maximum flexibility.

Our clients in the online publishing, online media and advertising network fields each have their own individual goals. We strive to thoroughly understand these objectives and characteristics and to then implement smart, cost effective strategies that meet these objectives.

Case Studies: Adprime Media, Red Associates, Media/Publishing Company, Edgewater


Not-For-Profit Practice


As with corporate users, not-for-profit organizations face workplace decisions that will impact their operations and financial health for years to come. Accordingly, not-for-profit groups require the forward-thinking representation offered by InterRelate’s Not-for-Profit practice. InterRelate has extensive experience working with not-for-profit organizations to develop real estate management strategies that will help address the following needs and concerns:

  • Occupancy costs
  • Flexibility
  • Space Utilization
  • Alignment of standards and policies to the organization's philosophy and overall strategy
  • Integration of new trends in office design and operations
  • Changes in funding availability
  • Endowment preservation
  • Space usage
  • Adequate facilities for volunteers
  • Space requirements (on-site or remote) for board meetings
  • Conflicts of interest 
  • Mission and purpose of organization
  • Cost efficiency 
  • Auditing concerns
  • Shared facilities and amenities
  • Capacity for training facilities
  • Proximity to transportation, government offices, municipalities, etc.
  • Implementation of office space standards
  • Storage and file archiving space (on-site or remote)
  • State-of-the-art technological capabilities
  • Funding (mix and funder requirements)
  • Nature of services provided
  • Compatibility with other tenants 

In following the usual business model of corporate users, not-for-profit organizations look for ways to boost productivity through the use of diverse and flexible work settings, shared facilities and cutting-edge technology. To make the most effective real estate decisions, not-for-profit organizations need a service provider with comprehensive resources and relevant expertise. InterRelate provides these services against a broad background of experience arranging traditional and complex transactions on behalf of not-for-profit organizations.

Case Studies: National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, University Client


InterRelate Start-Up Support


The InterRelate Start-Up Support practice is based upon the belief that intrepid entrepreneurs with new business initiatives deserve to take advantage of the transactional and advisory services usually found being marketed to established organizations. Interrelate proudly offers our services to these innovative and forward-looking owners and managers.

Our comprehensive Transaction Services are readily adaptable to the short-term nature of typical start-up real estate requirements. We understand the need for maximum transaction flexibility (term length, expansion/contraction) while keeping upfront costs at a minimum. Our goal is to provide hands-on support to our creative and rising clients.

The Motherhood Center




InterRelate Group’s activities are international.  We are represented in major cities throughout the world.  In Brazil we specialize in representing emerging and established organizations who are considering expansion in the United States of America as well as American companies interested in participating in the fast growing Brazilian market.  

Instead of relying on the interoffice referral method practiced by other major real estate brokerage firms whose local offices act as independent brokerage entities, InterRelate Group provides our clients with transaction diplomats in Brazil who remain intimately involved throughout the process.  

We insist on seamless communication between our offices and the business and cultural ties are strengthened with the presence of Brazilian nationals in New York City.  

Our services go well beyond any particular real estate transaction.  We provide assistance in sourcing local consultants in various disciplines including: legal and accounting, interior design, translation services, residential/relocation services and many others.

InterRelate’s goal is to be the one relationship upon which our clients rely to accomplish a successful expansion.

InterRelate Group is a member of Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce.